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Kelly Langenfeld

Decreased Igg Results Following gluten-free

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My doctor's nurse ordered my one year follow-up labs wrong, and instead of testing me for Ttg, they mistakingly tested me for IgG. I've been gluten free for one year. In July, 2005 my IgG was at 681, and now it's down to 609. The norm is 694-1618. I'm waiting to hear my MD's input on this.

Has anyone else experienced this finding with their labs?

I quickly researched this and found that IgG is indicitive of chronic disease processes, and that antibody deficiencies are the most frequently seen immunodeficiency in patients with an abnormally functioning immune system. The cause of the decreased levels of IgG is mostly unknown.

At my 6 mo. follow-up EGD and biopsy, there were no signs of inflammation present, and my other labs have consistently moved closer to within the normal range or are now normal.

Does anyone have any ideas for me as to why this lab is moving in the wrong direction?

--Kelly Langenfeld

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