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Chicken & Vegetable Recipe. With Garlic

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Just thought I'd post a favorite of my family.

put olive oil or garlic oil in skillet , then add tons of fresh or dehyrated garlic. Simmer until soft then add skinless, boneless chicken breast cut-up in bite size pieces. cook until no longer pink. Add oregano,basil,salt, pepper,crushed red hot pepper to your taste.

In a steamer steam normany vegetables (cawiflower, carrots,broccili) I add fresh zucchini (yellow & green) mushrooms and fresh tomato , steam until cooked but still crispy .

cook penne pasta as directed on pkg,drain well.

mix all together and serve with your favorite sauce.

I usually use 4-5 # of chicken and a five # bag of normany vegetables, plus 3-4 zucchini, 1# mushrooms and two # of gluten free penne pasta.It makes a hugh amount but I usually have about ten or twelve to eat. you can make any amount .it's simple to make but oh so good.

serve with garlic gluten-free bread and a salad.



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