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first of all I am new to this I usually don’t post just read other posts. 
changes began for me  3 months ago mid March were I felt something was wrong but not to the point were I am now. I have always been a constipated person-sad to say but yea. I noticed my stomach growling a lil lost of weight and stomach growling but nothing to alarming. But then I got this shortness of breath and thought it was due to allergies but then loss of appetite  unexplained weight loss depression and simply not feeling well. 
I checked with my drs for last bloodwork which was in January and March and all was ok. But then I remember my RA dr diagnosed me with celiac several months and I blew it off cause I was feeling fine all along. Now here we are in May and my life is so miserable. I’ve lost about 20 pds which I was weighing 142 I look so sick now. I’m waiting for bloodwork from my hematologist idk what to think. I’m worried I have no appetite my body is so sick looking that I can’t look at myself anymore. I’m trying gluten free but I don’t eat enough to say I see a difference. I’m depressed I know that for sure. I worry it could be something worse and I’m a single parent to 1 son. 
I pray and cry a lot. im so lost and miserable. It’s like I wanna eat but my stomach is full and bloated all the time. I drink a protein shake and have a very Small meal and that’s it. I try to add some fruit in there to but nothing like my appetite before.  
what were your symptoms that triggered you to think something was really wrong? Are you taking any special vitamins? using any essential oils? I am just wanting to be able to enjoy life again. 

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Welcome to the forum!  

I think you need to get back to your “RA” doctor (an endocrinologist?) and ask for your celiac disease test results.  If positive, he or she should refer you to a Gastroenterologist.  

Symptoms are meaningless as some celiacs are asymptomatic and so many symptoms overlap with other symptoms.  

Know that once you have one autoimmune disorder, you can develop more.  So, it is possible that you do have celiac disease.

Feeling better?  For a celiac disease patient that means no gluten.  Simple, but not so easy.  

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Diabetes -- January 2014

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