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I was shopping for a children's tylenol today and couldn't find any of the ones listed on my safe list. I called and was told that the new flavors hadn't been tested yet (although they were working on it) and that she couldn't confim that any of those (new) were gluten-free. I had been three places, but couldn't find any of the old flavors. She said that I probably wouldn't find them because they had all been replaced. Now instead of "bubblegum" or "strawberry", they have names like "bubblegum yum" or "wild strawberry". These new flavors cannot be listed as gluten-free yet, says the lady on the phone 2-21-06.

She was very nice and sympathetic, but facts are facts. They may or may not be safe.

(As an aside- I also called Desitin. (Diaper creme) The original ointment is safe, but the Desitin creamy IS NOT gluten-free AND IS NOT SAFE) Thought you should know.

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