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I know that Lundberg rice cakes are gluten free. It's possible they make a certain flavor that isn't so just check on the package when you buy it, but most, if not all, say gluten free and wheat free right on the front. They taste decent w/ almond, cashew, or peanut butter.

Here's what lundberg says on their gluten-free stuff: http://www.lundberg.com/info/glutenfree.shtml


All varieties of rice

Flour and grinds

Drink Rice







Rice Chips

Fiesta Lime

Honey Dijon

Pico de Gallo

Santa Fe Barbecue

Sea Salt

Sesame & Seaweed

Organic Rice Cakes

Brown Rice

Brown Rice (salt free)

Caramel Corn

Cinnamon Toast

Mochi Sweet

Wild Rice


Tamari Seaweed

Sesame Tamari

Koku Sesame

Koku Seaweed

Eco-Farmed Rice Cakes

Brown Rice

Brown Rice (salt free)

Wild Rice

Sesame Tamari

Toasted Sesame

Apple Cinnamon

Buttery Caramel

Honey Nut

Rice Sensations

Ginger Miso

Moroccan Pilaf

Thai Coconut Ginger

Zesty Southwestern

Lundberg's RiceXpress™

Chicken Herb

Classic Beef

Santa Fe Grill

Rice Syrup

Eco-Farmed Sweet Dreams

Organic Sweet Dreams


Creamy Parmesan

Garlic Primavera

Italian Herb

Tomato Basil

Organic Alfredo

Organic Florentine

Organic Milano

Organic Tuscan

Hot Cereal

Purely Organic

Unless I've forgotten how to read again, all of their ricecakes are gluten-free

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