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Advise Needed

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My son is 5 and is showing some signs to me (as a gluten intollerant adult) that he may have problems.

On top of it 80% of what he eats is gluten.

I want to try him on a gluten free diet and see if he perks up. Tired a lot, keeps getting sick - any illness that has gone thru the school my son got it. All the tests did not show one thing gluten wrong with me but a gluten free diet has helped me drastically. I'd rather try a diet thann put him thru all that testing. My husband feels the whole house should just go gluten free.

Where I need help...

I can deal with at home with cooking things but what about school lunches?

I give him lunch anyway but he is so picky that he usually gets a pbj sandwich every day.

Does anyone have any fun & tasty foods that they pack for their kids lunches?



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Seems like there was a thread about this sometime not too long back? You may want to try a search.

At any rate, some pack lunches we use:

Ham rolled up

cheese squares

gluten-free crackers

(Basically we make our own "Lunchable-type" lunch)

Soynut butter and honey on gluten-free bread (peanut allergy)

fresh fruit

grilled cheese sandwhich on gluten-free bread


gluten-free pretzels

carrot sticks

cold gluten-free pasta salad

As to going gluten-free, my son and husband are celiac. My 6 yr. old daughter started to have troubling symptoms. We went gluten-free with her just to see if it helped. It made an immediate and drastic difference. Now the whole house is gluten-free. My son stays healthier without the contamination anyway. ;)

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Guest nini

my daugter (five years old) likes her sandwiches on Kinnikinick's Italian White Tapioca Rice bread... I just warm it in the microwave on a paper towel in the morning, make the sandwich with it and pack it in a ziplock sandwich bag. She likes all kinds of sandwiches this way.

Also, Hormel Beanies & Weanies Kids Kitchen individual cups... heat them up in the morning and put in thermos... Dinty Moore Beef Stew same thing...

EnerG crackers and cheese and lunchmeats...

Ian's Chicken Nuggets or Fish Sticks (Allergen Free/Gluten Free Recipe) heat up in microwave, wrap in foil and send with a cup of dipping sauce or ketchup (those little glad containers are perfect)

cups of applesauce, mandarin oranges, peaches, mixed fruit on the side...

or an apple or banana...

hunts pudding cups for dessert

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Pudding & chicken nuggets are definitely faves- I'll have to try that bread.

I just printed out a mainstream food list. That should help too.

When it was just me I would eat a lot of salads and rice pasta and I was content but with tryint to ge tthe whole family gluten free I am going to have to be a better shopper!


THANK YOU for those suggestions!


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Hi Sarah... I have a newly diagnosed and equally picky 5 year old myself :rolleyes:

When we went to the store I let him pick out what he wanted... i've also been encouraging him to help me prepare the food too.

For the most part, I just take the recipes that he's used to and modify them.

It's hard because he hasn't been gluten-free for long enough to feel better so getting him to eat anything at ALL is a struggle right now.

We're in the same boat my friend... have you been tested as well? My husband and I were and my test came back positive so I'm going to get an endoscopy. I feel that it will be positive as well and maybe that will make it easier on him if we can deal with it together :hug:

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