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6 Months Gluten free, questions

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Hey everyone.

I have been gluten free now a little over six months. I was in complete misery when I got diagnosed celiac. TTG-IGA high, but not overly, but near total villous atrophy, and all the other relevant markers in place...mom also has Celiac disease. I am 34, it started after a bad flu two years ago. Had to go on PPI, which did absolutely nothing but give me horrible painful gas. Was in the bathroom 6-8 times a day at that point on bad days, 3-4 on good days with loose, immediate bowel movements. Got diagnosed with chronic gastritis, no evidence of H. Pylori at that time. Had horrible, grinding, burning pain in my stomach that I could actually make worse when I pressed on my stomach. It was some pretty bad stuff. Was horribly dizzy, confused, and had NO memory whatsoever. And frequently threw up in the morning. My stools were yellow, liquidy, and floated.

Six months later, I no longer take a PPI. I have some dyspepsia still, which flares up here and there, but even during flare up is nothing to the indigestion I had prior, which always felt like a lump sitting in my throat. Unless I am sick, or have a bad "flare up" of some kind, I usually have one bowel movement a day. The grinding, burning is gone. Sometimes I feel a twinge of it after say, a very difficult to digest meal, but I no longer feel it to the touch. I am not throwing up. I get hungry again. Most of my neurological issues have resolved. 

A little under a month ago, I got tricked by a misleading box of a brand that has a gluten-free and non-gluten-free cookie in the near identical package. I ate half a box of wheat. Funnily enough, I felt fine that night. The next day, I was horribly disoriented and lightheaded, and had major brain fog. This developed into an intense headache which followed through to the next day. Then my stool got looser a day or two later, and for the following week or two, I had random bouts of symptoms. Slowly they went away, but now, although my stool is finally back to being "well formed" it is a pale brown/yellow. It doesn't float. My indigestion flared MASSIVELY during this time as well, but I was patient, and waited for it to pass as the PPI makes me feel terrible so I don't want to go on them.

From people here: I know this is a vague question but how long is healing, REALLY? I mentioned the stool color change and my nutritionist said it sounds like Bile Acid Malabsorption, which can definitely happen to Celiac's. I couldn't have imagined one slip up to be so devestating to my body. I do not get tested for antibody improvement again for a month, but I am having some anxiety about things, especially the weird colored stool. So I am looking for some reassurance, I suppose.


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Sometimes threads are not seen right way....I believe only very popular threads.....show so every body sees them any more....so if this thread gets popular...it will "Pop" up on other people's radar...

Since I saw nobody else has answered hopefully this is helpful and explains why your "thread" has not been picked up right away....

but this question came up a little while a ago....so I researched it then....but didn't  have time to respond...before time washed it away....

This answer is about your stool color mainly and one (on) gastritis and when to worry.... here is some great links that will answer your question(s)  hopefully...




I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advise...


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