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Psyllium Husk Power/Pills. Did they help you?

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I have been struggling with chronic...ummm.. ahem..."digestion/BM" issues.  (D every morning and C every evening--sincere apologies for graphic description).  Doc thinks it may be IBS/anxiety (on top of celiac disease).  I have also been on a "low fodmap" gluten-free/dairy-free, soy-free diet for quite awhile, hoping that would help heal my gut.  And, like many "newbies," I struggle with post-celiac disease dx paranoia, so I know I'm not getting anywhere near the fiber content I need.

Q:  Have you ever used Psyllium Husk (powder or capsules) to help establish "regularity" and healthy BMs? 

How long after celiac disease dx and you began gluten-free diet before your digestion issues improved?

If Psyllium helped you, could you pls. recommend the good, safe gluten-free brand that works/worked for you and how long you took it?  Also, feel free to note any brands I should avoid.

If you never used/no help from it, what sources of "natural" food fiber keep your "engine" running smoothly?   

I feel so awkward writing this....LOL.   Before celiac disease and Covid, I never thought I would ever become SOOO OBSESSED with BMs/bathroom tissue shortages....LOL

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I use psyllium husk in baking as a binder. The product I buy is from a food company not a pharmacy. It is just psyllium husk no other ingrediants.

If I recall metamucil OTC contains psyllium fiber and other ingredients. I have not used the medical based psyllium products. The gluten-free status can be found in the faq.



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