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Frustrated...feel like I am allergic to everything? itchy rash

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I was diagnosed some time ago with DH.  A few years ago though, I started getting this other rash in the same area I got DH.  I saw a dermatologist, and they would give me a cream or this or that and it would make it better but it would never go away.  Finally a year ago I saw a Dietician and it got better and we could get it to go away for some time, and did an elimination diet..but it never solved it.  

Finally during covid, I gave up everything that the Dietician had said was on my 'maybe' list for reactive...and I found that Eggs, Mung Bean, Potassium Nitrate (found in water!) and Peanuts seemed to be causing it.  I was then rash free from March until last August!  It was the longest I had been rash free in years!!

Now however though...the rash is back and I am still avoiding those things.  At first I thought it might be stress, but I noticed this weekend it was drastically better, so I tested corn again last night...and now I am in a major flare up this morning again.

I do not understand!  How can I keep adding things to this list of things I can't have!  I did an elimination diet with the Dietician...I would have thought that would have been productive!  

I am super frustrated, I am tired of being itchy and looking terrible all the time.  I really don't know what to do next.  I could go back to my allergist again but I really felt that was a waste of time last time.  Even he said skin prick tests weren't the best for food allergy testing.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your issues. It sounds like you're taking the right approach (not a doctor, but suffer from DH).

Do say this new rash appears in the same places as you get DH. Do you think this is also DH, or something completely different? If it is DH, are you aware of its connection to iodine? (Iodine causes DH to flare for a lot of us.)

Sorry I can't be of any particular help. Please do update us as you sort things out. Be well.

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I'm having the same issue, after being sick this year I've been having allergic reactions to nearly everything, I take several Benadryl just to get through the day. I get super itchy and my throat gets tight. I'm waiting for allergy test to come back. So far Oats, Rice, and any kind of citrus fruit makes  me sneeze and itch. I know your pain, try to see a different allergist until you get answers. 

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well I saw my allergist.  He did test me again for the 9 major allergens which came back negative.  He suggested I take Allegra 24 Hours, as it has 180mg of antihistamine Daily, because my IgE is very high which indicates an allergy of some kind.  He suggested I could take allegra everyday continuoulsy, which I am not fond of!!  

However, my rash now is completely cleared after taking Allegra daily for 2+ weeks!!  Which is great!!!  

I mean, obviously I am just covering up whatever I am allergic to but at least right now I have a way to manage it until I figure it out maybe.  

It is in the same areas I have had DH, but its not nearly as extreme as DH was.  I mean still not fun!  But not nearly as intensly itchy as DH was.  

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