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I Hate I Hate I Hate...

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And on that note.... I hate it when I send my 6 y/o son to school with a sack lunch, and he cannot go thru the lunch line except for milk. I try my best to send him with a lunch he will like, but sometimes it doesn't go the way you plan. For instance, this morning, I sent a Hershey's chocolate kiss for dessert............ and I saw it in his lunch bag this afternoon melted on the bottom. Well, duh............... I sent mac & cheese with warmer packs. Guess it melted his dessert. Talk about feeling like the worst parent. Sometimes I just wantn to cry...........

Hey, Carol, that's cool! Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one those things happen to! I have many, many DUH! moments!!! And with four kids to pack lunches for, that's alot of DUH! moments!!! LOL!



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I really, really REALLY dislike it when people ask me "when are you due" and I'M NOT EVEN PREGNANT!!!!! (I've got the big belly syndrome! LOL Always swollen...) :huh:

And I really dislike the fact that EVERY time I start to head out the door to go somewhere, it never fails, I have to run back in 5 times to the potty before I can get myself into the car! :blink::lol:

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Guest nini

I really hate it for my daughter when she wins a prize at school and she's too afraid to take the candy because she doesn't know if it's gluten-free.

I also hate it that she is so freaked out by gluten that when another kid spills mustard on her, my child is s freaked out she doesn't even eat her lunch and comes home starving and crying. (btw the mustard was gluten-free, she was just scared because she didn't know)

I hate it for her that her favorite cereal now has gluten in it. Kelloggs Corn Pops AND any of the generic versions of it. (Thank God I have 6 more boxes of it and hopefully she'll find another favorite cereal before we run out)

I hate it that I'm so broke I can't even afford to buy the hair color I need to cover my 2 inch grey roots.

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I promised myself that for every "I HATE" I'll enter the same amount of "I LOVE" in the other thread. Need balance.

I hate...

#1...watching my husband get sick (with celiac disease and other health problems) and not being able to fix it. :(

..as others mentioned going to several stores to buy gluten-free and/or other gluten-free diet compatible foods. This run around is time consuming. :blink:

..being overweight and not fitting into clothing properly - and that being said I hate fact that clothing designers have the idea that real women do not have hips. They think that women's hips and waists are the same size. Isn't that a man's physique? <_<

..the fact that we don't have a bigger apartment with a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer. Having these things would make life a little easier than it is now. These are little things that people take for granted. :huh:

..I fact that I need to get a second car for my husband but can't afford one. :(

..fact that it took too long to get a correct diagnosis for my husband :angry:

..working...I am burned out at this point in my life :(

..fact that the work week has 5 days; 4 would be better I never used to talk like this. I was always a "company" person. <_<

..fact that no matter how hard I work, I cannot make enough money in order to provide the things that we need. Hence the burn out. I am just finally tired of it and want out. :(

..fact that I am living without a "net." (think tightrope net -- support from keeping you from falling). I have no one to go to if I am in trouble or need help. If I lose my job we'll either have to move in with other family and risk cross contamination or gluten issues or move deeper into the innner city for a cheaper one-room apartment. Neither prospect cheers me up, hence I have to keep working harder. :o

..fact that my husband gets so little respect from his and my family as they have no compassion for his celiac disease & other health diagnosis. His sister thinks he's exaggerating about celiac disease (even though we think she has celiac disease too) and my family thinks he's been faking being sick for 27 years and have "cut" him and me. Oh well.

..having to decipher modified food starch on labels....just state the source of the starch...is that so hard? Is that too much to ask?

..fact that gluten can be found in pre-made foods where originally that food never needed to have gluten in it.. such as sour cream with thickeners or ice cream or tuna salad at the diner...makes you say "what the heck!?"

.. fact that my husband's life was adversely impacted by celiac & lost other areas of his health due to it.

.. support boards that morph into un-support boards

..snow ice cold weather treacherous roads (Winter)

..mean people, people who are users, people who stab others in back. Co workers who run your reputation down just to get themselves ahead.

..not enough hours in the day to get things done

..catching colds/flu

..wasting my money on gluten-free foods that taste terrible

..that a good chunk of my income goes to Federal and State taxes when I use very little of their services. I feel like I am supporting the world and getting kicked in butt when it comes to my own needs

..living in NJ....can't wait until I am in a position to move out of state where the cost of living is lower. Cannot go until my MIL passes away, but that's another issue.

..that in reality skinny does equal beautiful in our culture. ( I heard a woman talking on a radio program who said that she was always about 20 lbs overweight, and she came down with breast cancer and had to have chemo. While she was chemo she lost those 20 lbs and finally for first time in life felt beautiful. She was agast at herself for realizing this and then reflected on our society that in order to be beautiful, she had to go the route of being deathly ill.)

..people who are perversely "contrarians" - meaning they have to say "black" if you say "white" just to make an agrument.

..each year my car gets older and less reliable

..the same people who come to me for comfort do not allow me to go to them for comfort. Realizing this was like a wave of cold water being splashed at me.

..modern fiction ..it's too sexually graphic or too light weight. What will be the "classics" of the next century? No offense, I can't see Danielle Steel as the future Hemingway or Leon Uris or Orwell, Ayn Rand, etc.

..interviewing for a new job. I get too nervous and usually "blow" it. I actually start to shake during the interview as it means soooo much to me. I don't think the interviewer realizes how much I have at stake.

...being middled aged and realizing that this is as good as it's gonna get - knowing that my best wasn't good enough and that I'll never have children/grandchildren or retirement.

..b%$@#y, selfish women who have it easy and don't have to work and complain to me about problems that are non-problems -- that I would gladly trade with them! I have actually have had one tell me that she has the same amount of stress in her life that I do (she has no children, no aging parents or in laws, no bills, owns 2 big houses, a loving, disgustingly -healthy husband, she's in good health, expensive car and hobbies, meticulously dressed - hair and nails...I believe she was complaining that her husband didn't help her around the house ;) and that her 5 cats require a lot of cleaning up after - she just likes to make sure that she tells me that her life equals my life, but it doesn't - she's a relative so I can't ditch her that easily. It's almost as if she does it deliberately to rub her nice life into my face in a passive-aggressive way).

..being "baited" and then smacked down for responding

..my insomnia

..feeling like the bottom is going to drop out of my life if something doesn't change for the good soon...

sorry to have made this so long. it's off my chest for now.


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Aw Deb,

I wish I was there to give you a huge {{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}




I felt so sad for you when i read your post.

how about this...Karen will be on one side of you, I'll be on the other and we'll surround you with HUGS AND LOVE....i'M ADDING YOU TO MY PRAYER LIST.


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I hate:

Stupid people.

Country and Rap music. No talented hacks who can’t play real music.

The old me.

That me ex-wife continues to lead a life of bad decisions and habits. I don’t hate her personally but her disintegrating life is not good for our son.

Professional sports. I can’t think of a more idiotic pastime than watching a game on TV. It takes time away from the better things that life has to offer.

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Thanks guys. It's my frustration du jour.

I have to keep thinking "I can mourn because rose bushes have thorns, or I could rejoice that thorn bushes have roses." I try to keep it down to a quiet rumble, but sometimes I get overly bothered.

But I will do the same number of things under "I Love." 33 love things.

P.S. what's SXSW mean?


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I think that could be slang for lower private body parts. I have no idea what it is either.

Here's the translation:

DH = Darling Husband

DD = Darling Daughter

DS = Darling Son

DW = DarlingWife

MIL = Mother in Law

FIL = Father in Law

Etc. I hope that helps! :D

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I hate being baited too, Deb. And, I'm the type that can barely resist :(

I also hate using public restrooms, esp. when my celiac disease problems kick in :o


been meaning to ask...what on the road for 2 weeks, when i use the restroom, and the soap is in the despencer, we don't know what kind of soap it is...dagh, :blink: I got some of the hand sanitizer in the small bottle to keep in my purse but sometimes didn't have the purse. what do you guys do?

Judy in Philly

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I hate that everytime I go to the doctor, I get another autoimmune diagnosis.

I hate that the last doctor I went to said that this disease was going to kill me, regardless of whether I was gluten-free or not.

I hate that I HAVE this disease.

I hate that the doctors won't do the genetic tests so that I can tell my kids whether they need to be tested.

I hate that I can't walk a straight line.

I hate having to explain all the new bruises to my husband, and the look on his face when I tell him about the falls that I had.

I hate it that I can't work.

I hate it that people stare at me if I don't use my wheelchair and just use my walker.

I hate it that I don't have the energy to go to the grocery with my husband.

I hate it that my husband, who works 10 and 12 hour days, has to come home and do the laundry, dishes, and everything else because I am basically worthless.

I hate it that my daughter resents me for having this awful disease.

I hate not wanting to go anywhere, do anything, or see anyone.

I hate having to figure out which medicine I've taken when, and which medicine I'm supposed to take next.

I hate it that my left eye already needs cataract surgery because of all the prednisone I've had to take.

I hate it that I can't get out of the bathtub by myself, and if I try, I fall, bringing down the curtain rod and everything else in the room.

I hate it that I am isolated in the house 99% of the time.

I hate it that I play "catch as catch can" to get my doctors to coordinate my treatment.

I hate it that I can't find anything positive to say about me anymore.

I hate it that I don't even know whether anything is worth it anymore.

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I hate it that I don't even know whether anything is worth it anymore.


I--- HATE- HATE- HATE- HATE ----IT THAT YOU ARE SO DOWN :ph34r::ph34r:



You, my dear friend, have been there to talk me UP and help me get ready for the drs appointments and there when I came home without any answers. I have been gone for 2 weeks and didn't see you on line and was wondering where you were and if you were ok. I'm doubled over in pain myself so wish i could give you more words of encouragement. All i could do was pray for you for 4 minutes straight. I hope it helped.

For what it's worth, I love you and care very much about how your coping and I think your one bright, funny, exceptional woman.

Love and hugs

Judy in Philly

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LYNN----YOU DEAR LADY, I HATE THAT YOU MUST WRITE SUCH A MESSAGE. Know that there is love coming your way and hope for you to get a tiny little bit better each and every day. I pray for your DH and DD so that they can have understanding toward you. You make all of us better people when we read your message. You have my deepest concern and love, Barbara

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Lynne--I just want you to know that I was incredibly moved by your post. Sweet lady, despite your physical disabilities, from what I know of you through your posts, you have a beautiful, couragous, generous spirit that has been so inspiring to me. You always seem to be there with just the right words, even if you are not replying to me specifically. Please don't doubt your worth--you have so much to offer. I'm sure your daughter is just so afraid for you that she is in a bit of denial--when someone loves a person very much, sometimes they feel like they need to put up barriers to protect themselves from things that are so frightening to them. I can only imagine how frusterating many things are for you--be strong :) I will keep you in my prayers.

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Lynne-- I hate that you are so sad and you feel that way. Just remember we don't think you are worthless and if you only knew how many of us you have helped. You are not alone we are with you in this and we all feel alone some times.

Big fat Hugs for You.

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Oh Lynne. I am crying after reading your list. You have given so much to all of us with your wonderful advice and knowledge. I can only agree with everyong elses postings. You are an important person to our community and to your family. Please do not give up. You are in my prayers. Many, many large hugs.

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Guest Robbin
:) Lynne, Please know that I am praying for you. I have felt like you do so many times and believe me when I say that you HAVE SO MUCH WORTH. You have helped me and so many others on this forum. There are special rewards for people like you who suffer so much and give so much from their heart. You are an angel. Another hug :)

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Don't make me come down there! :angry: Ya know I will! We wanna hear from you...... :(

I'm getting the "warm and fuzzies" reading all the posts to you from the people who luv ya! B)



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Lynne- You are the sweetest thing- do you know how many times you have made my day? I kept the PM's you sent me about my mom. I cherish them and your kind words. And you have to come up here to eat lobster! Karen's coming to get you and I might have to join her! WE LOVE YOU!!!! ((((((Hugs)))), Beverly

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TireOfDoctors Lynn -- I send you love from my heart! xo xo xo xo :wub:

Nantzie -- my heart is broken for you. I send you xo xo xo xo :wub:

With tears in my eyes provoked by my emotions from what I read I type the things I hate too.

I HATE what my life has become!

I HATE that love-of-my-life was killed in my 20’s.

I HATE that my last ex-husband stole a 20 million dollar business from me. And got away with it!

I HATE lawyers and unethical judges.

I HATE that I lost my yacht and plane.

I HATE not being able to live aboard my yacht in the islands anymore or fly my plane around where and when I want like before. And take my friends to lunch anywhere they wanted to fly to. Or go scuba diving, jet skiing, deep sea fishing or adventuring God’s beautiful planet we live on.

I HATE that I lost my big beautiful home on the water in Florida.

I HATE that I became homeless because I trusted my ex with my life.

I HATE that I ate garbage and lived in my car.

I HATE that I was too proud to tell my family.

I HATE no longer being a socialite going to parties. Or getting my name front page for random acts of kindness I enjoy doing for others.

I HATE not being able to help the Red Cross or Cancer Society because I’m too sick.

I HATE the thought of another hurricane. (I’ve been through 6 in my entire lifetime.)

I HATEd watching my mother take her dying breath as I held her hand and I told to follow the angels to the light.

I HATE knowing my best friend and dog died the same day.

I HATE liars.

I HATE that my famous rock star brother no longer loves me or cares I exist. Understand I will always love him with all my heart. (Please don’t ask who he is or for an autograph. It causes me more anguish and pain.)

I HATE I have NO health insurance and having celiac disease, a thyroid disease, post traumatic stress and seizures.

I HATE I can’t take anti depressant medication, or something for anxiety or sleeping pills because it’s filled with gluten, corn, dairy or it interacts with my thyroid meds. The compounding RX is a king’s ransom I can’t afford to have all of them made.

I HATE I no longer have my sweet darling handicapped Auntie that was on a feeding tube that died from celiac disease. And watching her all by myself as she took her last breath (I couldn’t allow daddyO to see it he had just lost my beautiful loving mother that he adored a few years before. I wanted him to remember his sister in happy times.)

I HATE that Auntie’s doctors, the nursing home and the hospital lied to me to cover their mistakes.

I HATE I can’t support myself and I depend on the only man that hasn’t failed me, my dear loving 85-year old daddyO.

I HATE to think of what will happen to me when he’s gone.

I HATE that I don’t have a man in my life. (I’m not ugly.) And can’t even get a date…

I HATE living in south Florida in the land of super-duper-looser men, or the ones that come here with their vacation mentality or married men that lie just to have sex. Ha!

I HATE I’m alone, and I don’t have a husband or God never blessed me with kids to love me.

I HATE that I have lost interest in [almost] everything.

I HATE Tony Soprano for whacking Adrianna. (giggle) He’s getting his you watch and see. lol :ph34r:

I HATE that all my celiac friends are faceless here in cyberspace and I can’t thank them (in person) for all their kind words (typed on my computer screen), for the help, guidance and support you have all given me over these years. Or hug them and cry with them for their pain and suffering too or to look into their eyes and tell them I love you too. :wub:

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First of all I wanna say that I'm sorry for how bad some of you guys have had/have it. I'm relatively new to this forum but I've been reading lots and lots and have learned a ton! So despite your struggles you've taught at least one person a whole heck of a lot. So thanx

Now here's my list.

I hate that I didn’t get to be a kid as long.

I hate that my extended family thinks my mom babies me and that I’m not really sick.

I hate that when the going gets tough people walk away.

I hate that people get taken away from you when they have so much more to give.

I hate that sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that believes I’m ever going to be ok.

I hate there are times where I start to think I won’t be.

I hate that when I got so sick this year, the people I was counting on the most just kinda disappeared.

I hate that my 35 yr old cousin is jealous of me and does everything in her power to try to make me miserable.

I hate that she takes advantage of my love for her and uses me.

I hate that people perceive being sick as being weak.

I hate that there are people in the world who don’t have money.

I hate that there are people who can’t get medical treatment because they can’t pay for it/or it’s not available to them.

I hate that I will never in my life ever experience what it is like to walk in to a restaurant and be able to pick anything.

I hate smelling peanut butter and having my entire body seize up.

I hate having to make people wash their hands all the time whenever they eat stuff that I can’t have and they growl at me.

I hate that I’ll never have a dog.

I hate that I have only ridden the horses at our family farm a handful of times because they make me so sick and that I have always had to watch all my cousins go off and “bond” and have fun while I sat back at the house waiting.

I hate that I’m so much younger than anyone else in my family.

I hate that the public transit sucks in Edmonton and you have to drive everywhere.

I hate that despite the fact that we’re a northern city and we have brutal winters, people forget how to drive in snow! It’s really not that hard!!!!

That’s it.

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