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Guest rosei

Celiac, Severe Bloating, & Eating Disorders

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Thanks for these posts everyone - I have had IBS for over 20 years and have kept my symptoms down by paying close attention to how I feel so at times I; drink flax meal ( 1-2 TBS in 8 oz warm water) every other night for D or C. if it is D it sounds funny but drink 2 glasses with plenty of water, take Probiotics one a day usually before Bed & Papaya enzymes before meals if I am feeling bad or after basically whenever - they sometimes help the bloating, drink Mint Tea - sometimes all day long, watch what I eat - nothing too spicy like hot wings or sausage, tried raw food diets for detox.

April 2012 my 7 yr old Daughter & 11 yr old Son are now Gluten Free & Dairy Free, so I said I would do the diet with them. I am more bloated then ever and really tired. so I hope this will balance out.

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Is anyone struggling with severe bloating & digestive disorders after being gluten-free & allergon-free for a substantial time? I'm trying to distinguish whether the severe chronic bloating & constipation is a result of disordered restrictive eating or from existing medical conditions never properly diagnosed & treated. Pretty much anything I eat or drink causes intense suffering, so to avoid feeling terrible I often starve myself, restrict, try to follow the Specific Carb Diet, but get stuck in a continual eating disorder cycle. I'm looking for cause & treatment info from anyone with similar experiences or knowledge!

I could have written your post. I actually just posted a thread on my journey. I think it was because my celiac cause small intestine bacterial overgrowth, leaky gut and biofilms that must be addressed too. I'm finally breaking the disordered eating cycle but I've literally had to change everything o think about food and eating.

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