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Glutened! Tips On How To Get Better Sooner?

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Hey guys

Yup,,,i got glutened. Got coffe and by accident took my moms flavored coffe and drank it...i thought it was my new almond milk that gave it that fantastic flavor, but no it was that gluten. So now i am sick and need tips on how to get better sooner. It is my 21st bday on monday and I am going out but i want to feel good. I have two days to get deglutenized...any suggestion would be appreciated,,plus this weekend i have to finish my thesis...so i need quick relief. thanks for your support. renee

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I am sorry I have no magic way or suggestion to speed up recovery. I can understand accidental glutening, it is such a crap when it happens. I just have to ride it out and swear to be more careful next time. I hope you get better before your bday. Have a great bday!



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drink a lot and eat very bland foods. BRAT banannas rice applesauce gluten-free toast. mint a lot of times helps your stomach.

Hope you feel better soon!


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It is the same with me. I have no quick remedies or solutions. I just have to ride it out. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your birthday!

Have a great one!!!


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