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Odd Results On Adrenal Saliva Tests?

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Hello, been busy recently so havn't logged on much.

A while ago I posted my thyroid results and have just received my 4 x saliva adrenal test results: If any of you can shed a bit of light I would be grateful. I am 100% gluten-free and df now. I still feel exhausted, fat and 'down' most of the time. I know that adrenal problems can cause hypothyroid symptoms. In fact most of my medical knowledge has either come directly from you wonderful people or I'v followed up on something I stumbled across on the board and googled it!

Test Result Interpretation —

MARCH 2006

8am 16 normal ref: 13-24

noon 7 normal 5-10

5pm 7 normal 3-8

midnight 3 normal 1-4 (I suffer from insomnia, I wake up at 2am, 4am very often)

cortisol burden 33 (23-42

DHEA 5 normal (3-10)

Insulin fasting 3 normal (3-12)

Insulin post-prandial 3 depressed (optimal 5-20)

17-OH Progesterone <15 low optilam (22-100)(** day 16 of cycle)

Total Salivary SIgA 7 depressed. Normal 25-60, bordeline 20-25

Gliadin AB SIga 3 negative (borderline 13-15) (my Enterolab results are below for comparison)

(may have genetic Siga problem as false negative results on celiac testing in my daughter)

Adrenal Stress Index & DHEA. Despite appearing within the reference zone there are indications that you are approaching a ZONE 4 — Maladapted Phase II. This can be seen with a morning cortisol reading below midway, 17-OH progesterone is low and DHEA levels are below optimum levels

Post-Prandial (After meal reading) varies with the type of meal consumed prior to sample collection. Your result indicated that insulin was depressed Result 3 reccomended further testing. I do not know much about insulin yet.

Advice: exercise, Vet E, Botanical adoptogen supps, optimise cortisol/DHEA balance, balance sympathetic/parasympathetic activity, rule out inherited Iga deficit.

I got the results just after I saw my private Doctor (who I am not due to see for another 6 weeks, he has given me digestive enzimens and pro-biotics). I'v given up getting anywhere with my GP!



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My alternative doc just told me that he has found the saliva adrenals to not be accurate. He said there are specific blood test that are more accurate. I am having these done next week. I'll let you know what they are.

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I hope that I can shed some light on your subject. First, may I please clarify that I am not a medical professional but that I certainly have plenty of personal experience. I am on two thyroid medication for hypothyroid, I just finished over a years length of time with adrenal glandular for adrenal fatigue and I am in the process of weaning off of my natural progesterone cream.

With that said, which lab are you using for your saliva testing? May I strongly suggest that you not give up on the saliva testing. Yes, I have heard that some doctors use saliva as a fairly good guide while only a small percentage of doctors consider it to be inaccurate.

Progesterone testing should be collected between the 19-21 days of the cycle. The lab that I use instructs me to take my morning saliva sample immediatley upon rising (whatever that usual time may be)

Adrenals take a very long time to heal with the RIGHT supports! Again, progesterone levels need to take place between the 19th-21st days of the month. I don't see anything that looks alarming. Can you give me more specific symptoms, when are they the worst, what triggers them, do you exercise on a regular basis? The adrenals certainly need regular, scheduled bedtimes. Going to bed before 11:00pm daily, omitting sugar and processed foods. Finally, more symptoms might be more helpful to me.

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