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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Toxic Effects Screen/liver Function Tests Abnormal

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Calling all you scientific bods, I am not sure if this is the right place, mods plse move it not.

I have just had some really 'abnormal and unusual findings' results back on this test, I won't post the entire results as they are very long . Bottom line is that I have been exposed ,at some point, to a 'fairly high molecular weight organic-chemical that the red cells are attempting to detoxify by glutathione conjugation'. :unsure:

Lab Report says "I have alsolutley no idea what drug, other toxic chemical or tissue-breakdown product might be responsible"

I was an accountant, biology isn't my strongest subject, even the atomic emissions analysis didn't identify my mystery poison! (I had wondered about mercury fillings, and I did used to work in an office that had been a leather tannery previously, also my fatigue symptoms started after moving house although I have had IBS and back pain for years so think this toxin must be more recent, within the last 3 years.

My Doctor wants to see me ASAP and has advised milk thistle, lots of water and sauna's until I can see him again (I self refered, my GP is rubbish). :( I am having to pay out of pocket for everything now.

I tried google but didn't really come up with anything, do any of you boffins know anything about this or could point me in the right research direction?

I'm assuming that whatever it is has made me more susectable to gluten probelms (genes in the family so a pre-disposition anyway)

Most of my vits/minerals are low especially B12, ferratin, Iron and zinc, my thyroids are low-normal and my adrenals are on their last legs.

Any comments or toxic forum links or any comments welcome, I really wasn't expecting this! I was hoping for answers and I just have more questions!!!!!!!



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I'm a little confused. You mentioned being gluten sensitive. Have you actually been diagnosed with Celieac disease? What makes you think your gluten sensitivity is linked to your toxcicity disease? Celiac disease is tied to the possession of certain corrupt genes. Are you saying you believe that this toxic exposure you speak of has also caused damage or mutation in these genes? Give us an update after you have seen your doc. By the way, what kind of doc are you seeing, I mean the one who prescribed milk thistle?

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I'm a little confused.
You are not the only one :lol:

I did Enterolab testing (see signiture) after my daughter was Dx celiac by biopsy last nov and I realised that so many of my health issues, Ibs, Firbomyalgia, heartburn, constipation were caused by Gluten not just wheat as I had always thought. (She is IgA deficiency her were falsse negativenegative. I don't either and was not prepared to go through the torture of a gluten challenge and then get false negative results my GP had never heard of IgA deficiency. :angry: I had been 95% gluten-free for a while. Although I have improved a lot gluten-free and DF - especially GI and chronic pain I felt that my metabolism was packing up, tired, weight gain etc etc. My GP would not test me so I am seeing a Doctor in London who does Enviromental and complementary medicine at my own expense. I have at least Got my thyroid, adrenals, (both low) leaky gut ect tested . I do not carry the main celiac genes but the ones I do have often seem to crop up in folkes here also with fibro and neuro problems rather than classic GI symptoms. My daughter obviously got one of these from me and a celiac gene from her father. I do not think that I have toxic mutated genes!!!, just that long term exposure to gluten has caused a lot of my health problems but possibly not all of them. I am attempting to sort our cause and effect!

I am not due to see him again for 6 weeks, I guess I am being impatient for answers! Just as I sort out one thing another appears.


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