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Has Anyone Tried Quinoa Bread?

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As I have said before I have been on a quest to find a suitable bread to eat. Rice breads are inedible in their "raw" state and literally melted in my toaster. I have tried and liked a Tapioca flour/flaxseed meal/potato flour bread by Glutino...it actually toasts well and when toasted to has a nice texture/taste. The disadvantage though is that you have to keep it frozen til used.

I found a Quinoa bread in the health food store yesterday made by Earth's Oven (earthsoven.com) a bakery in Calgary that I have never heard of before.

The label reads: Contains no wheat, gluten or Egg

It is a raisin bread and its ingredients are as follows:

Organic quinoa flour, raisins, tapioca flour, cornstarch, organic unrefined cane sugar, apple, lemon, corn syrup, organic flaxseed, soy flour, potato flour, sunflower oil, yeast, guar gum and rice flour.

It has a not-bad taste "raw" and toasts extremely well. It doesn't need to be frozen but I keep it in the refrigerator to stay cool. IT IS A SOLID BREAD. the small loaf of about 15 slices weighs 900gms (about 2 lbs for our American friends). It does not fall apart with normal rough handling.

It is a tad more expensive than other non-wheat breads ($6.99/loaf) but I have tried it and like it.

Two thumbs up from here...

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I've had that one before and it is quite good, almost like real bread. We don't have a bakery like that in Edmonton. Kinnikinnick breads are not at all like real bread in my opinion. But their bagels are awesome.

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I'd really like this bread for the health bang. I always got the grainy whole wheats before the whole gluten free thing began. We had the darkest, grainiest, nuttiest whole wheat on the block.... visiting kids wouldn't touch it! :lol: I like the kinnkinnick, but am getting the mulitfiber flavor now, trying to buff up the bread. I've never seen the earth's oven brand here in the U.S....Has anyone seen it here?


Here's a link. It's not in the U.S.


I used the contact link to email them a request to make their product available on line. Hope it works.

Maybe they'll get rid of the soy flour the way Kinnkinnick did.

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I hear you about liking crusty chewy bread. {sigh} those days seem to be gone.

I liked the kind of old world rye bread that you almost had to soak it in water a bit to be able to chew it...I also liked that Italian bread shaped like an oversized discus...you needed a saw to cut throught the crust but the inside was soooo good.

I think I should stop torturing myself now B)

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