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Doc Called Enterolab "quackery"

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There still is alot of ignorance out there about celiac and I believe that a lot of old school doctors are more intested in giving you meds and hoping you will come back to see them again soon. I think that if celiac and other posible food intolerances were diagnosed a lot more doctors and drug companies would be out of business....I know my medical problems were big bucks for a lot of years. My suggestion is to call around to gi's in your area and find one that has a celiac support group...go to a meeting and ask about there doctors...if they had a good experience. Educate yourself... I got lucky...my sons pediactric gi is know as the celiac doctor around the children's hospital...he makes sure he even knows were the gean came from that gave it to your child. If you have a friend who works at a lab at the hospital or maybe some you know who works anywhere in the hospital could ask what gi they know that sends a lot of people for celiac tests...at my hospital the lab would tell you Dr. Devoid 100% of the time. He is a younger doctor too and seems to not be so quick to give easy diagnosis. My pediatrican got lazy when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my son and told me if he throws up agian take him to the emergancy room. What kind of help is that....if I had not been so determined to find out what was wrong...we would all still be sick and I probably would be dead...I had one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel when I was finally diagnosed and I had seen several gi doctors who said I had wouldn't you know it IBS. Avoiding dairy as well as gluten is a really good idea...I have been lactose intlorant since I was a kid...I can now eat dairy but had to wait for my stomach and intestines to heal before I found out I could have dairy again....if you want to speed up the healing process...get a gallon of 100% aloe juice...drink 4oz twice a day till it's gone...then try dairy agian if you are feeling better....your insides are torn up if you really have celiac. And if you have IBS as the doctor says...aloe works great for that too. My friend has stomach ulsers and gi problems she has been fighting for over 6 months....she was throwing up blood and getting hospitalized for low iorn...her doctor told her not to take the aloe I suggested and only to take the meds...he prescribed. She ended up in the hospital for two days because of a massive bleed in her stomach...she gave up on the meds that weren't working and started to take aloe vera in capsel form. Last time I saw her she thanked me. She said it was the only thing that makes it where she can eat without pain and gas. I also met another lady at the portrait studio where I use to work who husband and her were diagnosed with celiac and use aloe every day....and it has done wonders for them...this of course is not medical advice (because a doctor would tell you to take meds so the drug company would give them more free stuff) This is just four people I know who have had their intestines healed by aloe vera juice (ps. the stuff tastes horrible so mix with some juice and hold your nose when you drink it) Make sure you find a new doctor...I used my family doctor to find the right gi for my son...my pediatrican didn't even send me to a gi...the best thing to do is get referals by other doctors...ask your basic care physician if he knows what gi in your area has the most knowledge about celiac diease and then ask for a referal...don't give up till you find someone who really wants to find out what is wrong. I have also noticed that some people who have celiac can't handle corn, eggs, or soy so you might try just eating some basic fruits and veges and (if your not a vegetarian like me) some plain meats slowly adding one new food at a time to see what bothers you. maybe one new food every 3 days or so to see if corn or eggs or soy are bothering you as well. Hope my little bit of experince will help you in some small way.

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