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Apple Sauce, Chicken, Minute Rice & Gatorade

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alright so i was just wondering i read my lables every time but i seem to keep messing up so i figured i would post these 3 things since they are the main part of my diet

Seneca Apple Sauce

apples, high fructose corn syrup, water, asorbic acid

i figure that is probably completely safe


Water, Salt, Sodium Fosfate- 15% solution in each breast

i also figure this is safe but i also thought malt flavoring was safe because it was a flavoring and that was a mistake

Minute Rice-

precooked long grain white rice enriched with Ferric orothophosphate, Niacin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Folic Acid

not so sure about this one lots of big words i dont know


i acually dont have a bottle of it infront of me so im going to try to remember

artaficial flavors, natural flavors, some sort of gum, some sort of fructose- basically is gatorade in general safe or just some flavors or none at all- i am using gatorade as my life force it keeps my spins in place better keeps me less headdy feeling but if its going to hurt me then i will stop drinking it

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Your best bet with meat is to buy fresh, instead of pre-seasoned.

Perhaps the sweetener in the applesauce is irritating your stomach... Motts unsweetened is gluten-free (you can always add honey).

I know Gatorade is fine.

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its not acually pre seasoned its just a solution to keep the chicken more fresh, still not sure if its safe or not but its all i have in my freezer tonight so im going to be eating it

does it sound like that would be ok?? or should i not eat it i dont wanna hurt my healing prosses i have only been gluten free for 2 days so far

also i had my gluten-free go out and get me some motts and all they had was motts chunky, it seems to have the same ingrediants as the seneca does this meen its flavored as well??

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