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Guest cassidy

Digestive Enzymes

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Guest cassidy

I started taking digestive enzymes about two months ago. I was having stomach pain when I was eating safe foods. It didn't feel like when I'm glutened, it felt more like my stomach hurt while it was digesting my food. They really helped with the pain. Since taking them I have developed a rash on my neck, back and chest. It doesn't sound like dh because it doesn't itch and it is just tiny little bumps. It is like every pore has a tiny hard, whitehead in it. I can scratch them out and the next day they are back again. It doesn't seem like acne because they just stay tiny bumps and they suddenly appeared.

Thinking back I realized I got this rash the same time as I started the digestive enzymes. I haven't changed anything else, no new soap, lotion or anything.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does it make any sense? I stopped the enzymes two days ago and I can't tell a difference yet.

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Most likely your body is trying to eliminate an excess amount of acids they are using in the digestive enzymes. My husband, a chiropractor uses enzymes and swears by them. He's been to seminars explaining them and he sells them to many of his patients. But right from the beginning I told him they bother me and I'll get a hard blister and they pop up even on my thighs and stomach and itch like mad. So then over the years he finds a small percentage of people who complain of these symptoms along with others.

My theory is the whole leaky gut syndrome. These yems get into our blood stream because they are not contained in the gut like most people. I can only suggest getting the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and follow that diet for awhile to see if it helps. The foods are easy to digest because its using the right combination of foods. Your also eating alot of yogurt so it helps the intestinal flora. It helps me when I'm on it but I wish I could just stay on it to achieve a better healing. I have to get more disciplined. :P


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