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Email From Kens Steak House Dressings

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Good Morning Elizabeth,

I would like to inform you that Attached is a List of the products that we manufacture that do not contain Gluten in their recipes. The Tops of the columns that state" Regular Dressings" , "Fat Free Dressings" "Lite Dressings" and "Marinades" Are all Ken's Steak House Salad Dressing Products. If you have any further questions on this matter please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank~You and I hope that you have a great day:) The Modified Food Starch is Corn:)

List of Products in Retail that do NOT have Gluten present in their recipes

lite Dressing:

Lite Olive Oil Vinaigrette Lite Creamy French

Lite Ranch Lite Creamy Italian

Lite Country French w/ Vermont Honey Lite Honey Mustard

Lite Italian

Lite Chunky Blue Cheese

Lite Northern Italian

Lite Balsamic & Basil

Lite Raspberry Walnut

Lite Sweet Vidalia Onion

Lite Creamy Parmesan w/Cracked Peppercorn

Lite Caesar

Lite Red Wine Vin.

Lite Russian

Regular Dressings:

Zesty Italian Creamy Caesar

Sweet Vidalia Onion Italian w/Aged Romano

New & Improved Ranch Creamy French

Balsamic & Basil Country French w/Vermont Honey

Creamy Tomato Bacon Thousand Island

Russian Caesar

Red Wine Vinegar & Olive Oil Italian

3 Cheese Italian Honey Mustard

Greek Chunky Blue Cheese

Buttermilk Ranch Creamy Parmesan w/Cracked Peppercorn

Creamy Italian Christo’s Yasou Greek

Fat Free Dressings: Marinades:

Fat Free Raspberry Pecan Herb & Garlic

Fat Free Sun Dried Tomato Lemon & Pepper

Fat Free Italian Buffalo Wing Sauce

Lily’s Gourmet Dressings: Cocktail Sauces:

Balsamic Vinaigrette Both Blue & Green Labels

Northern Italian


All Sweet Baby Rays Barbeque Sauces have NO Gluten present in the recipes.

hope this helps everyone :D Betty

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When they say no gluten in their recipes they really mean it too. If they are making a dressing that contains known allergens or gluten on their line then they always produce that one after the non-allergen or gluten containing products have already been made. After they finish with the allergen or gluten containing recipes they sanitize all of the equipment using detergents and 250 degree water. I've been eating their honey mustard and I've had no problem with it.

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