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Sex, Desire And Whether Other People Can Handle This

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I'm so sorry people have to had to go through these negative experiences with their partners. I found out I had celiac disease about 2 months into my 4 year (as of May 10!) relationship and it was never a big deal (and now I've found out just last week that I'm sub-clinical hypothyroid - also runs in my family, still no biggee for him). Nor has it been a big deal for any of my family or friends. (I suspect my mother has it, I'm trying to get her to ask her Gastrointerologist to perform a biopsy at her next check-up) and my boyfriends aunt who lives in Europe has it. But regardless, no one else I have encountered has been negative either. My friend found out she had after we had a big discussion on her IBS that never really got better! I always approach the subject as if it were more a kin to an allergy, people seem to relate easier to this, I can't eat it "..." because it contains gluten and I have a reaction to it. Some people will ask how I feel about being so restricted, but I say that it's not as bad as you would think and that I eat healthier and am actually healthier than I was before because I have had to eliminate a lot of processed and junk foods from my diet (which is true). I feel how you handle it and explain it can dictate how people react to it.

If my boyfriend ever worried about having children with me because our children *may* inherit it (although with him it could also come from his side as well) he would be soooo long gone. That is just ridiculous, what about his family history? I'd be more worried about procreating with someone who has a history of diabetes, cancer or other diseases before I'd worry about something benign like celiac disease. Because someone would discount you or parenting with you because you can't eat a piece of bread or have chicken noodle soup is extremely offensive and shallow - and to be quite honest I'd tell them that too. Anyone who would have those qualms, in my opinion, is selfish, immature and doesn't really understand celiac disease or what it means to really care about someone. It may not seem so at first but you're better off without them.

And it is so true! Men/Women are like subways - another will pass by in 10 minutes! (One of my mothers favourite sayings).

The beatings will continue until moral improves

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