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Wierd Stomic Noises And Feelings

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I was just wondering what all feelings you get from celiac are. I get these really wierd noises it starts as a slight burn in my stomic then you here some wierd gurgle noises and the burn goes away, also like poping or dripping noises coming from my lower left side, doctor says its nothing but im still conserned about it also lately if i have gas it instead of passing stops right before leaving and makes a bowl noise inside instead of escaping out- are these things asoisated with celiac disease or should i be going to get checked out for something else i have already had some lab work done

Blood testing- for anemic, and like 3 other things everything was normal

Cat Scan- originaly to see if i had gadiverticulitis- nothing found

"poop testing" i forgot the real name sorry- they where testing for blood and for cancer nothing found

Upper GI- they fould folds in my small instines but nothing else

the doctor says my next steps if i want would be more blood work then if nothing from that a colonoscopy just wondering if these things sound like something from celiac or if i should continue my testing im only 20 years old so im really confused as to whats going on

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It also sounds familiar to me before I got really bad. If you decide to have your doctor check for Celiac, please make sure that you continually eat gluten and that he performs the whole series of tests.

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