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Reactions To Gluten

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I am still waiting for the results of my blood test and I cannot get it off my mind...I tried eating gluten days before but I didn't eat as much as normally...I was sick and pretty lethargic because of it while getting my test done!

Since then I have been trying to eat gluten-free, and trying to test my reaction to the diet. I was going to continue eating gluten incase I would have to get an endoscopy, but can't bring myselft to do it, at least everyday. I have been feeling good, then I try (or by mistake) eating something with gluten but it seems I don't get the same reaction to different gluten-containing products...

for example, the last time I had a beer I was extremely sick a short while after (pains, sore throat, tired, nauseous...), but recently I had some duff with a meal (duff is like a pastry made of white four, baking soda, and water) and didn' t get the same reaction, only mild gas...is this normal to get different reactions to different products?


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