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Why to be careful with Lotions, makeup, shampoos etc.

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Thank you for your reply...a good point made: the soap is rinsed off, anyway. Surprisingly, my immune system was never really bad in the first place....for example, there was a TERRIBLE flu going around the upper grades of my school last December. My seventh grade homeroom normally had 20 kids and dropped to a mere 5....I was one of the five. An eighth grade class of 20 dropped to 3, another dropped to 8, and another seventh grade class went from 20 down to about 12.....it was crazy. I was so suprised to be one of the few standing....I think my immune system was never really that bad, but my celiac symptoms got me sick, instead. I get fewer colds now than I did before the diet, but I never had that many, anyway.


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