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More Blood Test Questions..

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First, thank you all for being so patient with so many questions. I really appreciate it. I am working to get my daughter new blood tests since her only panel was done when she was less than 2 year old. At that point her only positive result was the IgG antibodies - her level was 89 - very high but since everything else was normal they said it was nothing.

So now I'm reading that yes IgG are more sensitive but not as specific. So my question is - what other things cause IgG antibodies to be through the roof like that? Are there other diseases? Does that just mean it's not as specific for celiac but guarantees a gluten intolerance?

Also, I read this on Dr. Fasano's website about testing in children under 2 (which she was at the time of the blood tests)

The isolated presence of anti-gliadin antibodies does not necessarily imply that the subject is affected by celiac disease, with the exception of children under the age 2 in which tTG and EMA may not be present.

so that makes it sound like IgG testing is specific enough when dealing with a baby. Is that what it sounds like to you? I actually live in the DC area so I called Fasano's office and they are having a nurse call me tomorrow to ask about this as well. I thought it better to talk to them before making an appointment in case I'm over-reacting here. They aren't exactly close - probably 2 hour drive - but I'm willing to make it if they think she might have celiac.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. I always feel better talking to doctors when I feel like I have some clue about what we are discussing - both so I can understand and so I can keep my guard up for the bs-o-meter. I'm starting to think I should have listened to that little voice back when the IgG levels meaning nothing seemed wrong to me.



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