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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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Hi everyone,

I am still new in the "Gluten Free World", and slowly but steady getting used to it.

Had a bumpy week where I might have been glutened or my thryroid went nuts.

Well, just in time for the weekend I feel much better again.

A BIG THANKS to all of you who helped me through this week, by answering my earlier questions and giving me emotional support. That really meant a lot to me. :D

I found the updated Gluten Free Products List (Feb. 2006) from Trader Joes on their website.

I do all my shopping at Trader Joes. So far I am still sticking to the basics. Only rice, fruits and veggies, meats and so on.

If you shop at Trader Joes, do you think that the products on their list are save?

I do not feel like being glutened again anytime soon. :(

Have you tried something that is not on the list but also works?

Which products do you especially like/ dislike? Love to hear from you.

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Welcome, Manja -

Trader Joe's saved my life. And it is two miles from my house :rolleyes: Yes, the products on the gluten-free list should be safe. Others in the store will state if they're made on shared equipment. I have tried those and been okay...but you never know. It is best to be pretty strict and stay on the safe side.

Do you eat meat? I LOVE the Cantella's chicken/turkey cilantro/green chili sausage. Also, there is a good pot roast there in the fridge section. the rice pasta's good, and there are gluten-free marinara sauces - I add garlic, veggies, wine, maybe some ground meat, other stuff and make a great spaghetti. The Savory Thins are great - one of the best things of all is to put cream cheese with smoked salmon on those, and chopped red onions.....I can't WAIT to have that tomorrow! Also bean and cheese taquitos, and chicken too - not beef. What else....Gorilla Munch cereal tastes like Captain Crunch! Lots of other things.

Have fun!!

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They also have a gluten-free pamphlet in the store as well. I was hoping I could find some taquitos or something Mexican that was gluten free, so far I haven't had any luck with that.

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Hi glad you found the updated list in the store. mine is still handing out the 2005 list.

I also found trader joes as a life saver when i first started 11 months ago.

A TIP ---please be careful with them, i typed a whole shopping list of my own to go shopping with..now i find that alot of of the product ingred change without warming...eg...some have added wheat esp the beef taquitos which was ok.., (then the cheese (I think enchalada'?') when i called they said wasn't gluten-free. I think the list is a good place to start but still ck the ingred everytime you go...

my spag sauses, that were ok now all have soybean in them and now i can't have dairy or soy....soo....

it's a great place just watch the labeling...there are products that are gluten-free that they DON'T list...so calling if hard for me to get through to them.

I'll forward my personal list with some bands/prices etc but don't use it as .....OK,,,, JUST CK IT OUT...




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