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Gluten Sensitivity Makes Me Nervous

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My daughter was diagnosed in March as having celiac disease. Since then, I've been relearning how to cook and where to buy groceries! My daughter hasn't progressed severely upon diagnosis. I have two friends who are celiacs and their diagnosis made me suspect my daughter. After requesting the doctor to test her, and her test results coming back positive, he commented, "Good catch."

Now, my problem is is that my daughter isn't super sensitive and doesn't really have many problems other than stomach aches when she eats something drastically wrong. This is a good thing, yet it makes me very nervous because when I cook for her - even though I strive to be totally gluten free - should I do something wrong she doesn't necessarily react to it. If she reacted then I would know I had done something that I needed to correct. Therefore, it's totally up to me and I worry that I'm unknowingly glutening her. Anyone out there have pointers or advice? I'm assuming that regardless of her reaction to the gluten, it would still be causing damage...right?

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Absolutely, accidental glutenings, whether they are paired with symptoms or not, WILL cause damage.

We used to have gluten food and gluten free food. I am the only Celiac thus far. We ended up going completely gluten free as a household because I kept getting glutened from somewhere and we couldn't figure it out. I guess my obsessive cleanliness just wasn't enough. Now I hardly ever get glutened at home.

Your daughter may very well become increasingly sensitive as she heals. I've found that over the past two years since my diagnosis I've become more and more sensitive to gluten. The more careful I am to avoid gluten completely and not get cc'd, the more sick I do get when I get glutened.

Don't worry. You'll figure it all out. There's just a learning process that you have to go through. It takes all of us time to figure it out. Make sure you check all of her body and beauty products. I ended up even having to switch my husband's products to gluten free so that I didn't get contaminated from giving him a hug.

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