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Eating Gluten-free In Montreal?

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hi there - my vegan husband and I will be vacationing in Montreal in August for a week. if anyone has any recommendations for any stores or restaurants or bakeries or ANYthing that is gluten-friendly, please let me know! thanks so much!

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Café La Bistouille, Bistro 2, Blainville, (QC)

(Chef François) (450) 433-6791

Restaurant Le Bordelais (Gerant André)

1000 Gouin O Montréal, (QC) H3L 1K9

(514) 337-3540

Casa Pescara

6752 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal, (QC)

(514) 253-2658 (Menu)

Le Bistro Le Detour

2480 Beaubien Est, Montreal, (QC)

H2G 1N4 (514) 728-3107

La Bergamote (Chef Michel)

2101, Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal, (QC)

(514) 525-5738

La Gaudriole

825 Laurier Street East, Montreal, (QC)

(514) 276-1580

Modavie 1 St-Paul West old Montreal, (QC)

(514) 287-9582

Le Lai, Resto Vietnamien

6243, Sherbrooke St, Montreal, (QC)

(514) 256-7333

Restaurant YoYo

4720 rue Marquette, Montreal, (QC) H2J 3Y6

(514) 524-4187

restoyoyo@videotron.ca Restoyoyo.com

Bonaparte Restaurant

443 rue Saint-François-Xavier, Montréal, (QC)

(514) 844-4368

Bon Blé Riz

1437 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, (QC)

(514) 844-1447

~Wendy’s Restaurant Chain~

The ‘Biftek’ chain of restaurants

The ‘Outback’ chain of steak restaurants

Autoroute 40 - 3550 Sources Blvd, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, (QC)

(514) 683-2036 (Menu)

Le Royaume du Thailand

Taschereau Boulevard, 4904 Greenfield Park, (QC)

(450) 672-3051

Le Petit Café Raoule

250, rue St-Georges, Mont St-Hilaire, (QC)

(450) 464-5211

Le Commensal vegetarian restaurant


Montreal - Montréal

Boucherie des Tours

Atwater Market Montreal (QC)

Tel: (514) 931-4406

Espèce Santé Beauté

1278 Jean-Talon East Street Montreal (QC) H2R 1W3

Tel: (514) 279-3709

Boucherie Tranzo (gluten-free sausages)

6536 Somerled Montreal (QC) H4V 1S8

Tel: (514) 488-7907

Frenco Health Foods

3985 St. Lawrence Blvd Montreal (QC) H2W 1Y4

Tel: (514) 285-1319

Health Tree Natural Foods

7133 Côte St. Luc Montreal (QC) H4V 1J2

Tel: (514) 484-5031

3819 St John Blvd Dollard Des Ormeaux (QC) H9G 1X2

Tel: (514) 482-8233

Le Tournesol

1251 Beaubien East Montreal (QC) H2S 1V1

Tel: (514) 274-3629

1602 East Fleury Montreal (QC) H2C 1S8

Tel: (514) 384-6660

Optimum Natural Foods

630 Sherbrooke West Montreal (QC) H3A 1E4

Tel: (514) 845-1015

Tortilla Maya

5274 Saint-Laurent Blvd Montreal (QC)

Tel: (514) 495-060

GoGo Quinoa www.gogoquinoa.co


2925 Rachel East Montreal (QC) H1W 3Z8

Tel: (514) 522-4442

800 Henri-Bourassa Blvd West Montreal (QC) H3L 1P5

Tel: (514) 856-3444

6600 St-Jacques Street West Montreal (QC) H4B 1V8

Tel: (514) 481-6959

16,900 Transcanada Kirkland (QC) H9H 4M7

Tel: (514) 426-3005

6767 Newman Blvd LaSalle (QC) H8N 3E4

Tel: (514) 364-7168

10,200 Pie IX Blvd Montreal (QC) H1H 3Z1

Tel: (514) 321-3111

4849 St-Jean Blvd Pierrefonds (QC) H9H 2A9

Tel: (514) 624-6369

7605 Maurice-Duplessis Blvd Montreal (QC) H1E 7N2

Tel: (514) 494-1117

7600 Sherbrooke Street East Montreal (QC) H1N 2W1

Tel: (514) 257-4511

300 Ste-Croix Avenue St-Laurent (QC) H4N 3K4

Tel: (514) 747-0606

375 Jean-Talon Street West Montreal (QC) H3N 2Y8

Tel: (514) 948-2600


3733 Jarry East Montreal (QC)

Tel: (514) 727-8919

1057 St-Laurent Blvd Montreal (QC)

Tel: (514) 874-0129

1875 Panama Brossard (QC) J4W 2S8

Tel: (450) 923-9877

8080 boul Taschereau Brossard (QC) J4X 1C2

Tel: (450) 923-9973

Marché Branche d’Olivier

4342 Wellington Verdun (QC) H4G 1W4

Tel: (514) 768-5930

Tau Health foods

4238 St. Denis Montreal (QC) H2J 2K8

Tel: (514) 843-4420

7373 Blvd Langelier St.Leonard (QC) H1S 1V7

Tel: (514) 787-0077

Panier Santé (Place Versailles)

7225 Sherbrooke East 2nd floor Montreal (QC) H1N 1E9

Tel: (514) 352-5475

Patsy Pie

3060 Brabant Maraneau H4S-1K7 Tel: (514) 333-7253

E-mail: info@patsypie.com Website: www.patsypie.com


50 Mont Royal West Avenue Montreal (QC) H2T 2S3

Tel: (514) 849-8028

42 Place du Commerce Verdun (QC) H3E 1J5

Tel: (514) 761-7207

1953 Ste-Catherine

Tel: (514) 932-375


1332 Fleury Street East Montreal (QC) H2C 1R3

Tel: (514) 388-5793

505 Rachel East Montreal (QC) H2J 2H3

Tel: (514) 524-0725

2510 Beaubien East Montreal (QC) H1Y 1G2

Tel: (514) 727-2327

2005 Ste-Catherine Street East Montreal (QC) H2K 2H6

Tel: (514) 525-2215

4660 St-Laurent Blvd Montreal (QC) H2T 1R3

Tel: (514) 849-4118

Simplement Naturel

15,744 Pierrefond Blvd Montreal (QC) H9H 3X6

Tel: (514) 520-8069


1278 Jean-Talon East Montreal (QC) H2R 1W3

Tel: (514) 279-3709

Vogel Anjou

7500 Boul. des Galeries d’Anjou Montreal (QC) H1M 3M4

Tel: (514) 354-9277

I got this off of celiacquebec.com.

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hi.. i live in burlington vermont.. about an hour and a half from montreal and we go up there quite often.. my fiance and i are also vegan and i am gluten-free. i dont know of any specific gluten-free resturants.. but we eat at ethiopian and indian resturants all the time! the ethiopian is amazing!!!!

i know of a place too that is all vegan ice cream!!! yummy!

if you want some more vegan ideas let me know..

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wow - thanks so much!!!

I would definitely love any info on vegan places, and where I can pick up La Messagere!

thanks again!!

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