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Label Reading (help)

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I have a newly diagnoised 10year old daughter with Celiacs and I'm overwelhmed with information. How do I know when I read labels if the caution words such as natural ingrediants etc. are actually okay? I Have the CSA Gluten Free Product listing and about a million other things, but I'm so confused.

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Don't worry.... help is here. I have learned everything about Celiac here on this site. You have come to the right place.

First, stay away from natural ingred. until you know brands of foods that will list them. Kraft is good for that.

The CSA product list is VERY conservative, they list with the utmost reserve. What you see there is very accurate.

With hopes, soon, someone will post to you the Delfi Product List. It is about 79 pages of products listed by brand names which will make it easy for you until you learn to identify products by ingrediences. (I am computer dumb and can't do it for you). It will be a God-send for you. Stick to the list until you learn more about what is safe an not.

Please know that Celiac is not just about food. Check Shampoos, Diod, make-up, face cream. Think about every thing that can get into your mouth.

To start you out, try: Dove shampoo, Dove Soap, Crest Toothpaste, Bert's Bee's lip glosses. Lubridurm lotion

I know, because I have been there as well as everyone here how overwhelming it is. And I do think that it is harder with a child. The responsibility is pretty touch.

Please read here as many post as you are able. It is the most valuable resouce you have. All your answere can be met here.

This will get better and you have support here. Ask away. Lisa

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