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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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GNC Soy Protein

If you can handle soy, this is a great one. I used it even before I was diagnosed because it blends super well in a blender and doesn't leave a gritty taste. And if you are watching your calories, it has no sugar or fat, so you can add artificial sweeteners as you like.

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The one's I've seen at various places:

Whey (dairy - but you're doing that again, right?)

Whey & Egg (probably don't want that one in the house)

Rice (couple different brands, might have to go to a health food store)

Peaceful Planet's Millet/Qunioa/Amaranth (nasty green color, but slightly sweet taste, can be hard to find)

Hemp Protein (nasty green color, nutty taste that takes some getting used to but is good after that, can be hard to find)

Soy (this stuff's everywhere, but I avoid it)

As much as I dislike non-natural foods, this is one that I'll keep around and make use of because of the hypoglycemia stuff.

You can also use flax meal in smoothies, but it definitely gives it a different texture. ;-) It might help to soak it overnight in the fridge first.

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