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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

Guest Kris Fisher

New With A Bunch Of Questions

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Guest Kris Fisher

I'm new to Celiac and hating it. I've had bloating w/pain for many years, at least 6. After my last surgery for acid reflux my bloating increased by 100%. My abdomin expands to full capacity, so bad that I can't stand straight for at least 1/2 hour and tons of pain. I was diagnosed with celiac disease by a blood test. What I don't understand is my abdomin with bloat up to it full capacity before I eat anything. Not always but a couple of times out of the month. Anyone have this issue? I would appreciate all the advice I can get because I'm not cheating yet I still react to foods.


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I too sometimes have this problem - I also have acid reflux problems and I attibute it to too much acid buildup in my system/stomach and if I eat something, it does help. I now eat about 5-6 small meals a day - morning, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, late-afternoon (if dinner will be late that night), dinner.

I haven't had that happen in a while - the reason I think it is because my stomach is empty is because it usually happens if I wait to long to eat when I am hungry - then their goes the stomach!

I don't know that this is true - but it is a pattern I have noticed with my body which means yours could be something entirely different.

OH - the celiac disease diet gets much better and easier, especially once you start to feel better and get things under control again. Remember it took years to get here...can't get better over night much as we want to.

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