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How Long Wheat Free Before I Feel Better...

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Since September I have been suffering from belching and stomach pain when my stomach is emptying and diarrehia. None of the medicines have helped. I find that I am gaining weight and losing muscle tone. My doctor threw out the idea of sprue and order a blood test for me. I am trying this to confirm or reject the diagnosis, but I can't find anywhere that says for how long to try.

So what do you think, how long did you go wheat free before feeling better?

I am on Day 3.

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Hi and welcome to the board! :)

First, you must be gluten free--not just wheat free. Gluten is found in barley and rye as well as wheat. Most oats in the US are contaminated also, so at this point it's probably best to stay clear of those, too.

You need to look at your foods, beverages, personal care products and vitamins and meds. Gluten can not touch your food, or you will risk cross contamination. Replace in your kitchen any wooden utensils and boards. Get a new toaster for gluten-free breads only. Replace your collander and any scratched non-stick pans you have.

Be careful when eating at a restaurant or at someone else's home. Always ask what is in the food and read labels.

As for how long to see results, that varies from person to person. It's quite possible to see some improvement in 2-3 weeks. It usually takes longer (in some cases, much longer) to see a significant difference in symptoms. 3 days is really not long enough, and it sometimes can be kind of like a rollercoaster--up and down especially in the beginning!

Keep at it--you'll do fine :) Always feel free to come here anytime for advice.

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I saw a huge difference within one day, but apparently, I am an exception. I hope you see an obvious improvement within the two weeks. It's easier to keep it up if you see results.

Also, if you have only been staying away from wheat, you haven't been gluten free and it doesn't really count. I hope you can manage to keep it up, and feel better!

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