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Enterolabs Test Accurate While gluten-free?

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I was wondering how Enterolabs stool testing can be accurate up to 6 months or more on a gluten-free diet, while the standard diagnostic blood tests are not? Do I have this right?

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There's an FAQ at the enterolab.com web site that explains this:

Do I have to be eating gluten for a gluten antibody test to be positive?

Because production of antigliadin antibodies is under genetic control, your body continues to make these antibodies for an extended period after gluten is removed from the diet, albeit, in lesser quantities the longer gluten is removed from the diet. Research has shown that these antibodies continue to be produced at lower levels for months, even 1-2 years after gluten is removed from the diet. Stool tests can continue to detect these low levels of antigliadin antibody produced in the intestine over this 1-2 year period (and longer if there is still small amounts of gluten in the diet, even hidden gluten); tests for antigliadin antibody in the blood routinely become negative after 3-6 months on a gluten-free diet.

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