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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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The way I make it and I never write down anyhting down so this is what I do:

I saute some chopped white onion, chopped green pepper, two cloves fresh minced

garlic, chopped celery, in some olive oil. When they are semi-transparent I add two

cans of drained red beans(or black-eyed peas) and cook on low. I prepare some

white rice in another pan. When it is done I add it to the beans. Depending on my

mood I either add some chipotle seaoning or some chili powder. I know this is pretty

vague so I hope it gives you an idea. Every once in a while I will add a can of

petite chopped tomatoes at the end.

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Here is what I do.....it doesn't have any onions, garlic or peppers in it, though, b/c I am intolerant to all of them. I used brown basmati rice (from Trader Joe's...you could use any rice) and black beans from a can (you can buy plain or seasoned...Bush's are gluten-free). I then top with shredded cheddar and diced tomatoes. I season with just salt and pepper, but you could use whatever you want. You could also add sour cream and salsa to dress it up. I eat with corn tortilla chips on the side.

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Guest cassidy

It isn't a recipe, but I love Lindburg's canned rice and beans. All the varieties are gluten-free. One of them is spicy, but the rest aren't. I do add salt and melt cheese on top. Sometimes I add another can of beans to them as well.

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