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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


What Are The Symptoms Of Celiac?

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The internet is a wonderful thing. You can learn so much by reading the posts here. There is so much knowledge about Celiac Disease, so I would first encourage you to read as many posts as you can stand.

To answer you question:



Brain Fog - feeling spaced out

Lower back pain

Feeling of inflamation in small intest

Diareah - passing food undigested

Floating Stools

Sharp pain in the torso (sometimes)

The Shakes

Uncontrolled bowel movements - running the the bathroom (no warning) the oops effect


Just to name of few. There are over 200 symptoms. Please check the internet for a more comprehensive description which will be very helpful to you.

Ask away. Lisa

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Well going to the doctor may not mean much. Many doctors are not well versed in celiac and alot were taught of the supposed classic symptoms which they thought at the time. In fact, there are over 200 symptoms that can be associated so it is impossible to tell by symptoms. A complete blood panel should probably be run(EMA,tTG,IgA,IgG, Total Serum IgA) because the full test is usually pretty good and then possibly a gene test.

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I ve been told I might be a celiac. How could I tell before going to the doctor?

I think I have a lot of the symptoms. I have IBS. Ialso hade my Gallbladder taken out in 1999. Before my gallbladder trouble i was always constapated. meaning using the bathroom twice a month. Since I hade my Gallbladder removed the constapation has some what stopped. Now if i eat pasta, turkey and dressing, salid,cereal and more i have diarreah. I was told all of this was from my gallbladder being removed but I am beging to ? if that is the proublem. Does any one elese have these problems.

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