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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Kids Helping Others Learn About Celiac

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the school will not let the girls use the microwave in the school kitchen---a cook has to do it for them, so i spoke to the cooks about their celiac disease. recently one of the cooks asked my daughter about celiac because she thinks her nephew might have it, but her sister doesn't know much about it. i wrote up a list of different sites, foods, and books that might be helpful for her. she says her nephew is so much better gluten free----but that her sis does not want to get a "diagnosis" at this time---she just wants to do the diet. i feels good to be able to help someone else with info.

molly's class was going to have a chocolate fountain with foods to dip. molly said that she would just put some chocolate on her plate before everyone started dipping to avoid CC. the girl that was bringing the fountain, because she knows about molly's celiac, asked if there was anyone that had any allergies. i think it is so great that even in the fifth grade, my daughter has supportive friends that are learning from her.


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That is great!

My dd is also good about educating all of those around her, even at 7 years old.

There were four kids that are allergic to peanut butter in her class this year and the teacher did a great job of keeping our kids safe by asking people not to send peanut snacks into the classroom. Several times kids did bring something and the teacher would send them to the classroom next door to eat it. Also several times, I received phone calls about birthday treats b/c the kids had told their parents about the children w/allergies in the classroom and they wanted to include everyone.

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