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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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so im brand new to this, and food is my passion in life. i need some exciting new dinner ideas. im afriad that i wont think about something, and get gluten. any regular dinner meals or ideas that i can play with would be much apreciated!

if i try out some really good ones ill post them for everyone else!

NOTE: i dont eat fish or pork, and limit dairy(i sorta have an obsession with cheese :rolleyes: )

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I try as much as possible to stick to the meat and veggies diet.

steak and broccoli

chicken and corn on the cob

hamburger steak and mashed potatoes

chicken fried steak (yeah you can make it with gluten free flour) and peas and carrots

beans and fried potatoes

roast and carrots with green beans

if I just get bored with all that I make tacos, or Tinkyada pasta with gluten-free sauce. I have found a way to modify just about anything to make it gluten free. You just make a list of your favorite foods and say "what's wrong with that? where is the gluten?" and then figure out if you can take the gluten out, or replace it with a gluten free product.

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I make stirfry a lot, different noodle casseroles, Chicken with potato flakes on it then bake, nachos, enchiladas, meatloaf. Really most things are adaptable.

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i like two things especially. One is I like messing with my rice:

basmati or jasmine rice cooked

lemon squeezed on it

leeks or shallots sauteed until soft stirred in

walnuts or almonds for some crunch

chopped cilantro

salt and pepper

maybe a tiny bit of chopped mint (not too much)

olive oil or ghee or butter

the rice does not have to be hot, either - it is equally good cool. I think I started experimenting with lemon/mint rice.

the other thing I really like to do, is have a huge salad with a protein source right on top of it, for me, salmon, for my hubbie chicken or steak. I put asparagus spears lightly wok'd in there, roasted carrots if those are in season and look good, etc. The whole plate is one huge salad, with the protein on top. Yum.

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