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One More Stool Question...

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We have seen pretty much everything in terms of Curran's stools. I am just curious if celiacs only have the yellow stool or white stool or can it be other colours and consistencies as well? Or is this a later stage problem? We see a lot of changes in his stool and I am just wondering if people who have been diagnosed via biopsy or such have had this stool or not.


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Well, in myself I have had stools that looked and were as liquid as urine (last summer) within ten minutes to half an hour after eating, to lumpy, gross, floating strings, to extremely foul smelling slush, all of them interspersed with completely undigested food. There are so many gross variations that really, it's impossible to answer your question. If it doesn't look normal, it could be caused by celiac disease.

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