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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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Well I am new here, and only discovered what celiac disease was a few weeks ago in human physiology class. I noticed the symptoms were very similar to what I was experiencing, I have been having symptoms for almost a year now and just went to the doctor about it today and now tomorrow morning I go for blood work. I doubt I have celiac disease, but the symptoms are pretty close. But one thing I was wondering about was triggering causes. A little over a year ago I was riding in a rodeo and a bronc kicked me in the abdomen, it messed up my ribs and did some damage to my vertebrae, would it be possible for an injury to trigger it (if I even have it)? I'm 17 and am never really under stress and never had surgery, but my symptoms did start a short while after my injury. And also how long after eating food with gluten is it normal to start to get cramps?

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Some people never get symptoms with celiac so it is impossible to tell by that...this is one reason it is so hard to diagnose. Anyhow, what happened to you can trigger celiac. Pretty much anything that causes stress on the body can trigger it. Mine was triggered by mono. I think you should be tested for celiac though. There are over 200 symptoms with it so its very broad...good thing to cross that possibility out with testing because it is so common.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions and welcome to the board:)

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