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Functional Medicine M.d.

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I go to a functional doctor. I think they are awesome. Mine specializes in gluten sensitivity which is a big bonus. His whole family is gluten-free and he is the most knowledgeable doctor I've seen. I think they are very good at what they do but honestly so far were unable to help me because my problem was very elusive and wasnt showing up in any tests or anything. They were finding it hard to work with me since a problem hadnt been identified....everything comes back normal despite severe symptoms. Also they use supplements and I am unable to tolerate anything they tried to give me so we had to stop.

I just recently identified the problem as being caused by MSG and the doctors are thrilled to have answers but dont know how we'll proceed from here on out. They had a patient like me before who ras reacting to MSG so they at least have some knowledge.

If you're having problems still I would highly recommend going but make sure whoever you see is qualified and knowledgable.

Oh...they dont really take a holistic approach...its kind of in-between. At the clinic I go to they have an M.D. who does prescribe meds when necessary (like anitbiotics for infection) but they mostly work with supplements. My doctors dont really do anything w/out finding out a cause first though. They don't do guesswork. They run tests to find out what isnt working right in your body before they will begin any type of treatment. In my case they havent found anything wrong yet besides a bacteria infection that I took antibiotics for.


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A nurse practitioner suggested seeing a Functional Medicine M.D.

Anyone know anything about them? Do they take a holistic approach? Have any luck?

I don't have a function medicine doctor, but my mom, who also has celiac disease and lives in AZ sees one. She feels that he has been very insightful and able to think outside the box with her.

Personally, I have been looking for one as well, but in San Diego. Jeffrey Bland, PhD is the leader in the functional medicine movement, as far as I know. He is in the Pacific NW, I believe. I have been looking for a functional medicine doctor for myself in San Diego and have not identified one yet. The website (something like functionalmedicine.com) has lists of people who have completed the 6 day training course, but doesn't really speak to how experienced the people are. I am trying to get a better referral than that. Anyone in San Diego area have a good functional medicine doctor for celiac disease?



Diagnosed 4/06 by bloodwork

7/06 positive biopsy

Mother with celiac disease since 1972

Child born 4/05 is still gluten free

Evolving list of other food intolerances:

You name it, I react to it!

Rice, Corn, all tried grains


Chocolate, Nuts (especially cashews), Coconut




Many fruits and vegetables, so I rotate

Current Primary Symptoms:

Mouth Ulcers and burning in mouth like I rinsed with acid

Migrating arthritis - moves from hour to hour, day to day


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