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I've recentely bought an interesting book about magnesium, one of the most important (if not THE most important) mineral for the human body. The book is actually written by an Italian doctor but it refers to many international studies, so I guess the same informations are available in english etc...

I've read a lot of interesting things about how it helps the immunitary system, calms the nerves, accelerates healing process and I've found that it also helps in many GI problems. Also it's a natural antibiotic

There are many ways to supplement magnesium but one of the best is to take it in the form of "magnesium chloride". I was wondering if anyone has already tried it? If so, did it help? Would you recommend it?

Here's a little intro on the subject >> http://www.hippocrates.com.au/magnesium.html

Thanks in advance :)

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