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Guest cassidy

Holidays Are Tough - Feeling Sorry For Myself

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I just keep thinking how I would be walking down the beach crying thinking "It's not the fact that they did, it's the fact that I can't!" I don't really get bothered by people eating gluten in front of me (as long as they aren't flaunting it in front of my face to be funny) but I do get depressed when all I can think is that I can't eat it anymore.

As far as the birthday cake goes... I think I would have thrown a tantrum and left! Why bother to throw a b-day party for you if it's going to be about everyone else?! Especially if they were friends and family! I would prefer some consideration on my b-day instead of a party or presents...

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    Chances are if you have lumps on your body for years and the Dr. isn't concerned they're probably not lymph nodes. Chronically swollen lymph nodes would be something every Dr. would be concerned with.  Chances are you just have cysts ...
    It's different  for everyone, it can be a month or maybe a year. Most probably within a few months. This is assuming the symptoms are in fact related to gluten, which they may not be. 
    Hi Laura I'm so pleased you found answers.  This is very encouraging.  Seven years on from my own diagnosis I wish I could have some vitamin and mineral screening, I'm sure I'm still deficient. Cristiana