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Newly Diagnosed Celiac...

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I was aware of it before, but it's become readily apparent to me over the past three days...I live with 4 slobs. The girls are 6, 4, and 2, so I imagine I have to give them a pass ;) , but the wife! Out of sight is out of mind, and superficially clean is clean enough.

I've spent some time this afternoon trying to pull the kitchen into shape. The amount of crumb-based debris in every nook and cranny is amazing. It seems at times its about 50/50 whether the food goes in the girls' mouths or somewhere else.

I was hoping to segregate the foodstuff this afternoon, but cleaning of the counters, cupboards, table, and booster chairs, not to mention running all our dishes through the washer (I can't see the point of cleaning the cupboard surfaces only to put the same dishes back afterwards) has taken so much time.

The wife is at work right now. Hopefully, when she gets home, she sees the kitchen in it's current, partially completed state and sees how serious I am about this.

Honestly, am I getting a little neurotic here? CC won't help me get better, but it's not going to kill me in the short-term. My body probably wouldn't even notice it right now. But my biggest concern, if I don't go a little obsessive right now, the wife won't appreciated the importantance of this long-term.

I want to do everything at once and skip forward in time 6-months...

:lol: I am laughing while trying to picture my husband cleaning out a cupboard!! :lol: He moved over to Ohio in Feb. while I stayed back in Indiana until our oldest kid graduated from high school. Every time I came over to "visit" him and the other kids, I kept telling myself, "I don't live here, I don't live here." It was the only way I could keep my sanity! If your wife doesn't see dirt now, she won't see it later, so be sure to be supportive of even the lamest effort at cleaning! I'm the obsessive one in our house, always have been! I've been over here for six weeks and still don't have it to my standards, but I was still pretty sick up till about a week ago. I've made some progress since then.

I do think you are probably making your point about how important it is to not be contaminated. As you get healthier and they see what gluten does to you, hopefully they'll learn how to keep you safe.

Sorry you can't skip forward in time. Go see that new Adam Sandler movie and you won't want to!!

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Hello and Welcome, You have gotten some great advice here the only thing I want to add is the need for testing everyone in your home, even the ones who are asymptomatic. There is a very strong chance that at least 1 if not more of the members of your home need to be gluten-free other than yourself.

I cannot agree with you more.  I thought I was the only one with celiac.  Recently my son started seeing an atheletic medicine doctor who also has celiac and saw his history.  She immediately tested both my sons for the gene.  They both tested positive.  My worst nightmare.  They are both healthy and never showed any signs that are negatively affecting their lives.   My dilema is do I switch them now or let them enjoy what is left of their gluten eating lifestyle?  but that is another discussion entirely.   Definitely test everyone

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I tried to have a mixed kitchen but even only a month in my daughter (celiac) feels worse now then before she was dx.  I've been making gluten-free dinners for everyone but didn't think that my utensils would really be that big of a deal. I went out today and bought all new utensils and threw away the toaster and bagged up all the gluten food in the house. There was 2 garbage bags full that my sister is going to take.  I just think that its easier to be gluten free then to take the chance.   My husband is upset because I told him last night that he has to make his lunches out in the garage because I wasn't going to allow bread in the house anymore.

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To the three previous posters.  Please note that this thread is 8 years old.  Your responses are no longer relevant to the OP.  Please start a New Topic to discuss your concerns and more people will be likely to respond.


Thank You.





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