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Nestle Ice Cream

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I was cleaning my room yesterday, and I FINALLY found my list!! Last year I went into a little gas station near a provincial park, and they sell ice cream, and they had something I never seen in any other place: a list of ingredients posted in front of the ice cream (which specifically say "contain gluten" etc just above the detailed ingredients)...

These are the ice creams that are gluten-free:

  • maple walnut
  • marshmallow blue best
  • mint chocolate chip
  • vanilla berry swirl
  • over the rainbow sherbet
  • peach passion fruit vanilla yogurt
  • pistachio with almonds
  • pralines 'n cream
  • raspberry swirl
  • rolo
  • rum and raison
  • sarasota orange
  • strawberry
  • tiger tiger
  • tapioca orange smoothie
  • turtles
  • vanilla

Hope this isnt a repeat somehow :P and that it helps!


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What brand?

Edited to say...I see the title says Nestle. I will just say that I'm only learning how to read, and subsequently pay attention to what I've read.

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Cadbury's Icecream (and their chocolate range, btw) are all gluten-free EXCEPT FOR THE MINT variety.

They are very helpful to any enquiry and seem to know exactly what gluten-free actually means.

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Mmmm.... Nestle. Thanks for the list.

Hey, don't you have some doctor's appt's this week? How are you feeling?


Yeah and now that I have the list I havent had a chance to go for ice cream at all :lol:

I have my colonoscopy in 6 days, but gotta start the crap on Sunday .. getting nervous for sure! Thanks for asking about it :)


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5 minutes ago, GaleAnn said:

I am hoping that Nestle Rolo ice cream is Gluten Free for my Celiac granddaughter

Here is a link to their website.  It does say the ice cream may not be gluten free due to cross contamination in the factory.  

We eat Breyers because it is actually labeled gluten free.  

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