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Sand-like Or Grainy Stools

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my ds has those grainy sand bms too. Someone else coined it exactly, you can't get the bits and pieces off with a wipe, you actually have to pick them off. I am so glad someone brought this up. His bm's are anywhere to incredibly soft to pebble like all in one day, oh and they are usually green. We are waiting for the GI call with the appt for us.

Does anyone else feel like their life revolves around poop? :blink:;):lol:


Diagnosed Fibromyalgia March 2007

Mom to Katharine, 5 years old diagnosed Celiac Disease Sept 2006

Peanut allergy

Michael 3 years old diagnosed infant reflux at 6 weeks

Dairy Soy allergy until 22 months

Neg blood tests and biopsy Feb 2008

Positive gluten-free dietary response

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"I've decided that after air, water, and dirt, the next most common substance on the planet must be gluten!"

Toni Nolte, Overland Park, Kansas

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My 2 yr old daughter has had Diarrhea for about three weeks off and on, just this past week it was very bad 4/5 times a day, we have had stool samples taken but the results have not come in yet, nothing in her blood work. Just today she started having a sandy like BM, and she has done it several times. She does not drink and milk , but its yogurt and cheese. If anyone has had any info please share it with me.



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I know exactly what you are talking about. My son who has had the Celiac Panel (2 out of 5 positive) has the same thing. It looks like he has ate a bucket of sand every time. It is very hard to clean him. I hope you get an answer from the Enterolab.

~ Renee ~

Mom to

Makenzi (12*17*03)

Braxton (2*15*06 in the process of being diagnosed with Celiac's Disease)

Arianna (5*15*08)

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Holy crap...I know, terrible pun.

We have a positive diagnosis on my almost eight month old son and we're doing a blood test for my older son today. This has been a problem for him for almost a year...greenish, sandy poos. It's gotten worse in the past couple weeks with explosive diarrhea. That combined with behavioral issues when he has gluten (waiting for the positive results on baby to come back -- dr wouldn't test without those) and I'm pretty sure he's a celiac too.

Weird. Anyone know what docs have to say about this?

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My daughter was just diagnosed with Celiacs a few days ago. Her stools were often very, very grainy and light in color (almost tan). We've only had her on the gluten-free diet since the diagnosis, so we still have some of these stools. How long does it take until the gluten is out of her system?

Mom to Bridget, diagnosed with celiac disease May 2009

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