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Corn Gluten Intolerance

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On ‎7‎/‎23‎/‎2006 at 7:58 AM, ArtGirl said:

Many years ago when I had a blood test for food sensitivities, corn gluten came up as a sensitivity. I have tried to find information lately on the internet but get next to nothing when searching for corn gluten or corn allergy. Does anyone here know anything about this sensitivity?

I do stay away from corn altogether, but am just curious about the corn gluten itself.


Did you ever figure out what corn gluten is in?  I can not find any information

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A protein in corn that can be utilized by itself as a thickening agent or extracted in some cases to be used as a protein additive in highly processed foods like some process meats, gravy, sauces, etc. More often found in pet foods. Not related to wheat gluten or something the typical celiac needs to worry about. Me on the other hand am highly allergic to corn, if you have the same thing avoid it, along with modified food starch, vegetable oils, vegetable proteins, (these mixes normally contain corn) and several other processed forms along with the obvious corn starch, corn syrup, corn, masa, corn flour, maize, etc.   Damnedest thing, they now often make biodegradable bags from corn starch/corn gluten, same with some new disposable ware....found out about the bags after breaking out in a rash from one I got at a health food store......

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