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Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Sorry to hear you had a reaction. I haven't been there - just a suggestion to consider - both the beans and the guacamole are listed as being made with spices and there could be either wheat or msg by another name in those. I don't know if msg bothers you we absolutely cannot have it; we both become so exhausted etc. If you or anyone else would like the hidden list of msg l would gladly post it; just don't want to preach etc. I am just thinking with chain restaurants they tend to have spices already premixed by someone and the younger chefs just open a packet and put it in Another thing to consider for gas and bloating is the way beans are cooked - if the restaurant cooks beans certain ways it increases the gas quotient although you eat beans all the time there you'd probably notice this more than once if it was occurring. I'd go with the spices premix for the restaurant contamination.

:huh: Namaste; Ciao

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My hubby and I went out to eat last night (doesn't happen often) and decided to go to Chipotle. I'd been there once with no problems and he hadn't ever been, so wanted to try it. I didn't ask about gluten-free choices, since I'd seen their website, been there once before and read about it on here. Anyway, hubby got his burrito in a poison tortilla first, then I ordered a burrito bol. I was happy that a different person came to take my order and was putting on clean gloves as she came my way. She got a fresh tray of rice since it was just about out and I was thinking it was too good to be true - I didn't have to ask or worry about CC! So I got a chicken burrito bol with mild tomato salsa and guacamole instead of cheese and sour cream. Halfway through my stomach started gurgling, but I was really hungry so I pressed on. I didn't finish the whole thing because it's a lot of food, but by the time I was done I was burping (hubby wasn't happy with me) and feeling a bit gassy. We decided to go to the park and go for a walk. After walking about 2 miles or so, my burping was getting worse, as was my stomach ache and cramping. I did reach the bathroom in time. Now it's 4:00 am and I still have cramps and gas, but not much else left in there. I thought Chipotle was our friend! Has anyone else had this happen?

I ate there last night and the manager told me that the taco shells are gluten-free and I am sick and burping this morning with my stomach cramped. I asked the manager if it was gluten-free and it obviously isn't so I emailed the company this morning to let them know what happened because I was diagnosed one year ago and for me to eat wheat after a year of being free of it is just upsetting. I get extremely ill and violently sick when I eat gluten food. I was doing so well and because of the neglegence of a company I am sick. Something needs to be done about these people. :angry:

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