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taz sharratt

Ive Found Spinach

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i use to but every time i try to take it up again i get very bad constapation, really bad!!! and mt tummy is swollen and feel really unwell. ive taken floridix in the past but tht made me ill too. i allways have vit c and take it with my calcium. thanx , can you reccomend any other iron supplement or iron rich food? be really helpfull.

ive heard something like that is it like a cabbage or a lettuce? sorry to sound dumb but in the uk its not in any main stores here. ide love to give it a try.

Floradix has wheat/gluten in it. Floravital (made by Floradix) is gluten free, so may work better for you. I prefer it over traditional supplements, because the iron is bio-available (much easier for your body to use), non-consitpating, plus it has other minerals and vitamins in it. Doesn't taste great, but not bad washed down with orange juice. :)


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