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Im just thinking here... I thought P&G response also included that they get some of their raw materials from an outside source thats is why they cant guarantee them to be gluten-free (ie the fragrance) Same goes for the Pantene products they make.

Unless something has changed, which I will find out cause I emailed them again.

Ill let you know!!!!

I may be able to help with this one-- after an excruciating e-mail battle over CoverGirl-- if the product does not include "fragrance" (or such vague terminology) then you can go by the listed ingredients. It turned out my lipstick never contained "fragrance" to begin with so why it took them almost a month to give me a straight answer, I don't know. I was only asking about the one product. So I would look for unscented products, then you are probably okay.


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I use the Oil of Olay 15 without any problem - checked the ingredients online and they look fine too. However, I will be switching to a natural/organic type of product once I am done with this bottle. I also have used Eucerine 30 (sp??) without problems - now my youngest uses it to help with his slight eczema on his cheeks.

I had to get rid of a bath and body works hand lotion because it was giving my hands little eczema itchy blisters...now that it is gone, no more itchy blisters.

I have been using the bed, bath, and beyond body butters - I love those and have not noticed any reactions from those yet - on my hands, legs, and feet but the fragrance might bother some people, frankly, I am surprised it doesn't bother me.


gluten-free since July 2004

Other Intolerances:

Strawberries and Banannas (2007)

Nitrates (April 2006)

Yeast (which includes all vinegar so no condiments) (Oct. 2004)

Peanuts (Nov. 2004)

Soy (Oct. 2004)

Almonds (Sept. 2004)

Corn (Sept. 2004)

Lactose/Casein (1999)

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