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I'm 24 and I self-diagnosed about two months ago.

When I was about 18 I had a blood prick test that said I was sensitive to wheat - not intolerant. Granted I had just moved out on my own and was eating macaroni and cheese an average of twice a day. No wonder I felt so crappy all the time!

I've had stomach problems since my teens at least. But I've finally reached an age where I have the discipline and desire to take care of myself correctly.

I still feel pretty crappy most of the time because I'm new at this and am undoubtedly messing up on all sorts of weird things. But pretty crappy is a vast improvement over what I used to feel like all the time! And dear lord, the brain fog had gotten unbearable! I'm just plugging away at it...one day at a time...


Courtney - 25

Columbia, SC

Gluten-free since July 8, 2006

Casein-free since October 16, 2006

Went six weeks, and fell back into a deliciously painful world of cheese.

Casein-free (again and for serious this time) December 11, 2006

Stupid cheese addiction....2/07

Dx Hypothyroid in 1993

Dx Gluten & Casein Sensitive through Enterolab 10/06

Dx Adrenal *Exhaustion* 2/07

Originally from WI, I am still in denial over my newfound casein intolerance. I fear I will not be allowed back into the state if I can no longer eat cheese and drink milk. This could pose some trouble over holidays when I wish to visit my family. It also poses a problem involving the severe rage I feel when I have to throw away somebody's unfinished cheese sticks. That is so wrong.

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