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Guest ~jules~


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Mmm, great ideas! Making me crave thanksgiving dinner early :)

I might just have to bake a pie tomorrow!

Love the Gluten Free Pantry crust... it's better then my mom's "regular" one!!

Ev in Michigan

GFDF since 8/20/05

Negative Bloodwork ~

Dr. encourages me to trust my

"Gut Reaction"

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Guest ~jules~

The imagine soup is runnier than campbells which was disapointing. I just put less soup than I normally would and a little more cheese, also with potatoes if you let them sit for a bit they will thicken on their own. I haven't used anymore of it yet, but the rest of the box I just sealed it and put it in the freezer. For almost 5 dollars for a box of soup I couldn't see wasting it! I think I seasoned it with garlic and onion, salt, pepper, a dash of corriander (just a dash!) and a sprinkle of celery salt. I play with spices alot, sometimes I just smell the spice and if I think it will taste good on what I'm making I throw a little in...I made some chicken parmesan last night that was suggested from hmm...I think penguin? Anyhow it was really yummy....I'm getting a little addicted to that coating for the chicken that was suggested to me too. ;) Ya know I get hungry alot on this site! :D

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